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Creator of opportunities, 6T Asset Management offers to financial industry professionals tailor-made investment solutions aimed at taking advantage of all market trends. 6T is a department of Cité Gestion acting under its own brand. Cité Gestion is a securities house dedicated to the management of Swiss and international private portfolios.



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Access China

6T China Common Prosperity

Today, not investing in China A shares means missing 70% of the China equity opportunity set.


Global Equity Value

After 13 years of underperformance versus Growth stocks, Value stocks might come back soon.

Absolute Return

6T Absolute Return

Provides a dynamic allocation to several alternative strategies.  With a focus on limiting drawdowns and absolute return, the strategy offer a strong liquidity and a daily NAV.

Commited to your side

Our team is composed of experienced financial professionals and bankers, whose high degree of expertise guarantees sharp market analysis and impartial advice. Driven by the values of ethics and integrity, they are committed on a daily basis to offer each of their clients a personalized service, perfectly aligned with their interests. 




Will AI save the Nasdaq ?

The Nasdaq100 Index is currently expensive on a Free Cash Flow basis (only 2.68% while Fed Fund rates are at 5.25%).

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Nvidia reaches 1 trillion market cap

Nvidia's GPUs are extremely powerful, as are the Buzzwords the company uses to reach a 1 trillion market cap with less than 26 billions in sales for the last 12 months.

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US Small Caps? No, thank you!

The risk/reward in US Small caps is not compelling at this level