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Based in Geneva, 6T Asset Management has developed leading expertise in funds management, tailor-made products and financial instruments. This activity is structured around its six pillars – the 6Ts – which form the basis of a rigorous investment process framed by solid risk management.


As a company on a human scale, we offer you all the guarantees of a relationship based on TRUST: direct contact with your manager, availability and flexibility at all times, a partnership built over time and absolute independence.


Assets, stock indexes, markets, it is important to be able to determine at which MOMENT an investor must act to make a profit. To that end, we rely on technical and economic indicators, including stock market data and growth prospects.


Our investment experience has enabled us to specialize in niche products focused on investments related to specific THEMES, correlated to the financial and economic news as well as to the major trends of the moment, in particular impact investing and more generally socially responsible investment.


In order to beat the markets and generate a performance superior to the strategic allocation of our portfolios, we manage our investments on a daily basis by readjusting the balance of our assets in a TACTICAL manner.


To support our investment decisions, we rely on state-of-the-art TECHNOLOGY tools that provide us with a global vision and direct access to top-quality information. This will further strengthen our risk management in the face of market changes.


A controlled investment is an investment made in complete TRANSPARENCY, with simple and clear pricing and a structure in which all the elements and underpinnings are known, understood and managed appropriately.