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Focused on alternative and thematic investment solutions, 6T Asset Management offers its clients a wide range of diversified products and investment vehicles whose objective is to generate performance in the short, medium and long term, regardless of the market environment.

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6T China Common Prosperity

Inclusion in MSCI indices is the start of a long journey that will increase foreign investor allocations. A gradual institutionalization of A shares will likely change market dynamics. Therefore, due to its low correlation with major indices and a more diverse sector exposure than Hong-Kong listed companies, we think that A shares offer long term risk enhancement potential to global portfolios.

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Global Equity Value

Legends of investing, including Benjamin Graham and his disciple Warren Buffett, have long touted the advantages of value investing. Value stocks trade inexpensively compared with corporate measures such as sales, earnings and book value. Historically, they have outperformed growth stocks, which boost earnings and sales faster than their peers. The thinking behind the value strategy is simple: Investors tend to bid up exciting, fast-growing companies to bloated levels and shun boring companies or those going through temporary problems. When the market eventually comes to its senses and stock prices normalize, value wins. Recent attractive valuation of value stocks combined with low positioning , Vaccine adoption and potential steeper yield curve might trigger a return of Value outperformance.  

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Absolute Return

6T Absolute Return

The Absolute Return Portfolio is meant to produce alternative income with a liquid structure. It is composed of several liquid Alternative Funds and direct lines. It focuses on superior Risk-Adjusted Return by investing in liquid underlying securities only. With a wide investment spectrum, it can invest in all asset classes in developed and Emerging Markets. It can also take Long & Short positions and is targeting lower volatility and drawdowns than the equity market.

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Japan Fund

Japanese Convertibles

Thanks to its structure, the convertible combines the best of both worlds: the bond for its defensive qualities and the equity part, which allows its holder to benefit from a possible upward movement in its underlying. The Japanese convertible bond market is liquid and mature, and allows any type of investor to participate. It can also provide investment diversification in companies that are leaders in their respective markets or in smaller companies with high growth potential in this niche market which has been trading at a discount for a while.

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